The complete evolution of a Cupcake

May 1987 – While in the Navy, Kevin and a few buddies from the USS Enterprise got an apartment off the ship and one of them selfishly gave Kevin his first cookbook, Maida Hater’s Great American Desserts

1987 – 2002 Kevin became “that guy,” the one to always bring dessert to the party, maker of all birthday cakes, the one who makes everyone try each and every new attempt at baking

May 2002 – After finishing his 2nd career in the corporate world, Kevin left to figure out what he wanted to do when he grew up. After seeing an ad for culinary school on TV (while on the tread mill at the gym), Kevin went down and registered (he had nothing else to do that day)

2002 – 2003 – After graduation, Kevin landed an awesome job in the pastry department of the Ritz Carlton in Chicago working under a world famous Pastry Chef

Oct 2003 – a long time friend and proud Minnesotan encouraged Kevin to come Minneapolis to open a bakery

Oct 2004 – Cupcake opens in Minneapolis

June 2011 – The Food Network contacted Kevin and asked him to audition for season 2 of Cupcake Wars. After obsessing and trying to get the perfect audition tape made, he missed the window and the season is cast. Food Network liked the video so Kevin was cast in the first episode of season 3. Kevin came in 2nd in the Bollywood episode featuring the Curried Carrot Cake, the Bollywood Cupcake, the Chai Caramel Lotus, and the Buhda Belly Cupcake

April 2012 – A true competitor, Kevin returned to the show hell bent on redemption and handily won the Yo Gabba Gabba episode. The character inspired cupcakes; Dragon-Berry, Pretty girl, Tootie Fruitie, and Lancer Dancer were a hit with the judges

May 2012 – The Food Network planned a Cupcake Champions series and invited Kevin and 15 other previous winners of Cupcake Wars to compete in a winner take all, $50,000 competition. In the first elimination round Kevin competed in a Glee themed episode and wowed the judges with his knowledge of the show and five amazing cupcakes. The Cheerios, the Glee Wrap Cupcake, the Slushy, the Fiesta, and the Anti-bullying PB & J made up the winning combination

June 2012 – After winning the semifinals, Kevin faced the toughest competition yet in the grand championship. In the end, the Alton Brown, the Carrot Cake, the Boston Cream Pie, and the S’more cupcakes beat out the competition in the highest every cupcake war.

Aug 2012 – Coming off a series of wins, Kevin expands the bakery into the Mall of America – you are here now, I hope you enjoy your cupcake. Thank you for stopping by.

A little sweetness goes a long way.