Macarons - 6 Pack

Our artisanal macarons are made from scratch, gluten-free, and packaged in an elegant gift box.  Choose any 6 of your favorite flavors.

Note: 6-packs come with 1 of each selected flavor, and 12-packs come with 2 of each.


  • BIRTHDAY CAKE: classic shell with birthday cake flavored buttercream filling with a vanilla pastry cream center, rolled in rainbow sprinkles
  • BLUEBERRY BASIL: classic shell with blueberry buttercream with a blueberry-basil compote center
  • CAPPUCCINO: coffee shell with espresso buttercream
  • CHAI CARAMEL: cinnamon shell with chai buttercream and a liquid caramel center
  • CHAMPAGNE: classic shell with champagne buttercream filling
  • CHOCOLATE: classic shell with chocolate buttercream filling with a chocolate ganache center
  • COOKIE DOUGH: classic shell with brown sugar buttercream filling with chocolate chips
  • ELDERBERRY: classic shell with elderberry buttercream filling
  • HONEY PISTACHIO: classic shell with honey-pistachio buttercream filling, rolled in pistachios
  • LEMON SUNSHINE: classic shell with lemon buttercream with a lemon curd center
  • RASPBERRY DARK CHOCOLATE: classic shell with raspberry buttercream with a dark chocolate ganache center
  • SALTED CARAMEL: classic shell with caramel buttercream with a soft caramel center
  • STRAWBERRY BALSAMIC: classic shell with strawberry buttercream filling with a balsamic reduction center
  • VANILLA BEAN: classic shell with vanilla bean buttercream with a vanilla pastry cream center
  • WHITE CHOCOLATE LAVENDER: lavender shell with white chocolate buttercream filling

Note: 6-packs come with 1 of each selected flavor, and 12-packs come with 2 of each.


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