Cupcake Donation Request Guidelines:

Cupcake evaluates requests based on the following guidelines, requests are generally denied if guidelines are not followed.

Request Submission Deadlines:
The donation request form must be filled out completely and submitted to us by the 15th day of the month before the month of your event. For example if you want a donation for an event in November you must submit your request by Oct 15th.

Organizational Focus:
Along with promotional or advertizing opportunities, Cupcake generally limits its giving to events that benefit society or people in need.

Examples of organizations that cupcake has donated to in the past:
- The Aliveness project
- Susan G Komen
- Boys and Girls club

Cupcake does not normally donate to the following:
- Religious organizations for religious purposes; programs with religious organizations are eligible if the organizations does not advocate religious beliefs or practices
- Organizations that discriminate or are intolerant of any group of people
- Athletic teams
- Individual sponsorships

Request form must be filled out completely and received by the 15th of the month, Shortly after the 15th of each month we will evaluate and choose which donations we can make for the next month. If we select you we will let you know right away. If you are not selected you will not be notified.

Donation Request Form

Name of Organization or Event
What is requested of Cupcake?
Describe your event and how a cupcake donation would help, include specifics: date, time, who will attend, how many will attend, will there be exposure opportunities for Cupcake (and ad in program, signage, literature etc.)
What group will benefit from this event and how?
Contact Information:


Cupcake is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and therefore tries to ensure that this principle is honored with its charitable giving.

My organization does not discriminate and is accepting of all people without regard to: Race, Color, Age, Sex, Sexual Orientation (including Marriage and Military Service), Gender identity, Religion, disability, National or Ethnic Origin (regardless of status)
(typing your name here will work as your signature and agreement with the above statement)
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