Like our award winning cupcakes, our French Macarons are crafted with skill, made with the finest ingredients and garnished with love. Macarons are a delicious treat and a lovely addition to any dessert table. The shells are made with almond flour and meringue, giving them a crisp outside and a chewy inside. The fillings give the cookie a burst of flavor.

Warning: These Are Highly Addictive!

*There is a minimum order of 5 or more per flavor

**Additional macaron flavors are available in the case at all of our bakeries!

Salted Caramel Macarons
Salted macaron shell filled with caramel and salted caramel buttercream

Elderberry Macarons
Bright blue macaron shell filled with elderberry buttercream

Balsamic Strawberry Macarons
Bright red macaron shell filled with balsamic reduction and strawberry buttercream

Honey Pistachio Macarons