Ice Cream

Our ice cream counter is stocked with old favorites and fresh new flavors! Come try them all. And if you prefer to enjoy it at home, we have hand-scooped pints and Ice Cream Party Kits to go. Check out our current Sebastian Joe’s flavors below.


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There's always something new and delicious to try!


Bailey's Coffee Chip

Bailey’s Irish Cream, coffee and chocolate chips

Candy Cane
vanilla ice cream loaded with candy cane pieces

Cookie Dough
vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate chip cookie dough and extra chocolate chips

Mango Sorbet
sweet and tangy

Nicollet Ave. Pothole
chocolate caramel ice cream with Heath Bar chunks, fudge truffles, a fudge swirl, and sea salt

a famous flavor with a ridiculous amount of Oreo chunkiness

vanilla ice cream with caramel, bananas, and chocolate chips

Pumpkin Salty Caramel
pumpkin ice cream with a caramel swirl and sea salt

Raspberry Chocolate Chip
raspberry ice cream loaded with chocolate chips

Salty Brownie
salty vanilla ice cream loaded with chewy brownie bites

Strawberry - Vegan 
creamy coconut milk ice cream and real strawberries

pure vanilla made with the world's best vanilla


Frozen Treats

One Scoop $3.50
in a dish or cake cone

Two Scoops $6.50
in a dish or cake cone

Split Scoop (Two flavors in one!) +25¢
in a dish or cake cone

Waffle Cone +$1.00
house made at Cupcake Bakery!

Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone +$1.50

Toppings (each) $0.50
• caramel • chocolate • hot fudge • sliced almonds • chocolate curls • rainbow sprinkles • Heath bits • M&Ms • Oreo pieces

Shake or Malt $7.25

Root Beer Float $7.50
vanilla ice cream with your own bottle of root beer

Build Your Own Sundae $4.75
one scoop, one sauce, one topping, whipped cream and a cherry

One Scoop of Ice Cream & Any Gourmet or Premium Cupcake $6.75

See flavors below. Pease call 651-340-7809 to order ahead.

Ice Cream Cone Kit for 4 - $25


Ice Cream Cone Kit from Cupcake Bakery


  • two pints of ice cream (see flavor choices below)
  • four cake cones
  • four toppings (M & M's, Oreo Pieces, Rainbow Sprinkles and Toffee Bits )
  • hot fudge (ready-to-microwave packets)
  • caramel sauce

Add-ons and Upgrades:
switch 4 cake cones for 4 house-made waffle cones $4
additional pint of ice cream $9
additional sauces, toppings or cake cones $.75 each



Nothing beats freshly baked cinnamon rolls topped with scratch-made brown butter & cream cheese icing!

Available in pans of 4, every day. Click to order!